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A Mic for Your Voice.

The Place for Legendary Podcast History

To hear great sports stories,  social justice warriors detailing history, for inspiration or to decode “the system” tune into one of our podcasts. Be entertained with outstanding podcasts like Count Time with LD Azobra.

Why a Podcast?

Podcasting allows you to touch the lives of millions creating a bond  between yourself and an audience, without ever leaving  the comfort of your home. More people are listening to podcasts than ever before, 104 million Americans listen to a podcast every month and it continues to trend upwards every year.
You can speak directly to  your audience, and invite them to participate in a conversation with your thoughts, ideas, co-hosts, and guests. The only limit, to what you can do with a podcast, is your own imagination. So don’t wait, don’t miss out, listen to our latest episodes or start a new one yourself.

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