An Interview with Coach Lynn Leblanc

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In this episode of Count Time LD Azobra interviews Coach Lynn Leblanc and talks about coaching, the historic events he has watched and participated in, and why he was the Black recruiter.

“Interview done Saturday May 1, 2021 at his home in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Coach wife Lynette was also present for the interview plus the interview almost didn’t happen. Because when I arrived to their home coach asked had i been vaccinated for Covid19 and I said no. He stated his wife a retired nurse might not let me in the house. They were gracious enough to let me in an allow the interview to happen. It was a major concern because Coach who is now 82 and will be 83 this week.”
LD Azobra

Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast with LD Azobra Interview of Living Legend Coach Lynn Leblanc

But I was a sophomore in high school. Okay, they had three guys, me, Danny Underwood, who came as a freshman, 6-4 240, didn’t have the feet. I was 6-2 89 90 when I came as a freshman. And Lee Reed, who came the next year, three players at Crowley. I was sophomore and Danny was sophomore. High school. Somebody in town paid our way to New Orleans to see the Sugar Bowl. And we caught the train in Crowley at 12 o’clock at night. Boy I remember I had a brand new pair of shoes on. Just killed me. had to walk around.

We got the New Orleans. We didn’t know what to do, where to go. We’re going to find our way to stadium. Um, but there’s a Penny arcade. You put a little nickel in there and you see these girls dancing and stuff. Thought we were in the big city coming from Crowley. Anyway, that was in 1954. You can look it up. Sugar Bowl.

Remember that? You go looking. Pittsburgh was playing Georgia Tech. Pittsburgh had a black running back, and I wish I could remember his name. In fact, I had an article about him not very long ago, but he was the first black to play on a white football field in Louisiana. And I saw that game in 1954.

And I don’t even remember who won the game. But he played with Pittsburgh. They allowed their people to come and to play, and it was 1954. But look, I think I don’t remember the first baseball game hell LSU won the SEC. And were picked to play in the tournament against blacks, and the state legislature voted against it. It wouldn’t let them play. You know, how ridiculous was that? I mean, people were stupid back then.

What year was that?

I want to say this was like in 61, 1960 or 61. I think I might have been a graduate assistant on the football team. I coached two years on the freshman team. But anyway, the team won SEC and they were going to play in a tournament, you know, the first tournament and the state legislature voted against it and they wouldn’t let them go. Ain’t that ridiculous.

Coach Leblanc played on the LSU National Championship team. He talks about the Billy Cannon Halloween run, the “Chinese Bandits” and lessons on coaching and how to treat student athletes.