Combating Gun Violence

LD discusses the Biden administration plan to “Combat” gun violence. Talks about quality prevention plans and how funding should be prioritized. Could this be a repeat of the 1994 Crime Bill? Comment or contact LD and let him know what you think.

Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast  with LD Azobra

Good evening. Good evening. Good evening it’s 4:00 PM. Stand up it’s count time, time for every man and woman to stand up and be counted. Welcome to another edition of Count Time podcast. I am brother LD Azobra formerly named Lyman white. Thank you for joining us today.

Very good initiative. Something that we truly need to be working on in light of all the violence going on all over this country. Ceaseless senseless killer. So many. How many have we lost in the last six, seven months of gun violence? Where have we gotten to where we are? Such a violent generation of people all across the spectrum of this society. So many are afraid not even to walk out. They hall most people now with the Coronavirus. You’re afraid to walk out because of you scared you’re going to catch the Coronavirus. Now you’re scared to walk out because somebody might shoot you. Someone might harm you.

So how do we end up here? So how did our young people come to this place in their life? But it wouldn’t have taken without a second thought and just take the life of another young man, old man, woman child. They don’t even care. So we need to find out what is the root cause of these things. For whatever reason, we all have created a violent society. This country, most communities, our children, they don’t think twice about shooting, taking someone’s life.

Where did that come from? How did that come about? So we have a long way to go and a lot to do. So we’re holding our children accountable. But we have to be held accountable, too. So what do we do as the elders of the community, as the leaders of the community, to correct all the wrongs that been done, that we allowed it to have been done under our watch and make things better, prepare things for our children.

So with this new initiative, President Biden is looking at taking the money from his former rescue plan of March. They said that’s over $300 billion that’s still available to be used. And with this amount of money that can go to the local government, state, local governments to help them combat gun violence, the money can be used for hiring more law enforcement. The money can be used for training, accountability measures for police officers. And the good thing about it. The money is also available for intervention programs, after school programs, summer employment programs, although some is almost over with now. But the money can be used for purposes like these money can also be used for reentry programs, those who’ve been incarcerated, those who formerly been incarcerated, those who are coming out of prison. You can have a reentry program that can help train and develop these people that has been locked up for many years and hopefully can train them and prepare them for the workforce, not just slave labor, but some real jobs, jobs that can help take care of them and their family.

Yes, there’s a lot of money going to be out on the streets again. Do not let the money go just to these major organizations, these major nonprofits who just take the money and pocket it. Don’t give services. Let’s give this money to small operations, small businesses, organizations who already been making a difference, making an impact in their communities with no money. So if you give them money, how much or how big of an impact can they have with billions of dollars available, let’s get a money to those who given the service, not those who just got the big names. We are tired of that for sure, that these large organizations get the money because they got all the right paperwork, they got the right name. They know all the right people. But the people giving all the services is doing all the work, get little or none of the money. So let’s, first of all, make sure that these organizations, that these people get the money, who can make a difference.

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