Interview with Russell Sanders

A former marine, successful entrepreneur and currently “captured” husband’s humorous discussion of relationships and life. A raucous conversation with a man who has been everywhere and seen everything.

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Count Time Podcast and Living Legend Russell Sanders

Arleen and Russell Sanders with LD Azobra

Arleen and Russell Sanders with LD Azobra

Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast with LD Azobra Interview with Russell Sanders

Good evening. Good evening. Good evening it’s 4:00 PM. Stand up it’s count time, time for every man and woman to stand up and be counted. Welcome to another edition of Count Time podcast. I am brother LD Azobra formerly named Lyman white. Thank you for joining us today.

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Back in the back there before we clean a big lot. It was wooded area, and I was over there. And when I first, when she fooled me down here and kept me here that night, come here and got drunk and, put out all that liquor on me. And I slept all night. And then she took me in a golf cart and brought me and showed me her Mama house told me, this is where my Mama live. And she’s old now. But she’s still getting around, right? I got the story from her then I was her sister in law there, behind her mom.

And then coming up this way, she said, That’s my baby sister, her son, is in prison. What he did? She said, he’d do anything, but she got another son. He’d been to prison too. I said, what he did. She said he shot a n***** and he went to prison. I said, okay, I said, what about she got any more? She said, yeah, she got a daughter too. I said, for real, she said, yeah, she’s in prison too. She shot somebody.

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I said, D***, boy, we ride go cart, right? Because she got her GoCart right there next door. She said, That’s my next oldest sister. Now this ain’t nothing but the truth, she said, but her husband, you don’t want to mess with him because he don’t mess with people. He don’t talk to nobody.

She said, That’s my next to the baby house and her husband is an undertaker. I said, oh, all right. And she said, I’m going to take you back and show you something. So we’ve gone on in the back. I said, oh, boy, I know where she going back here. So then we go down to the thing and I’m looking. I said, you got a pond back here, too? She said, yeah, I got fish in there. You can fish whenever you want to.

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I say, Good, she said, but over here, yeah, she said, but over here, this is our family graveyard. Really? You all got your own graveyard? She said, yeah. So if something happened to you, you ain’t got to worry about where you’re going to buried.

arleen and russell