Living Legend Jimmy Field

Interview with LSU football great Jimmy Field a community leader walking with the Lord. From his time on Billy Cannon led LSU teams, to traveling to Europe, to his successful law practice and election to the Louisiana Public Service Commission Jimmy talks about life and his long friendship with LD. Happy Holidays!

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Count Time Podcast Living Legend Jimmy Field

LD and Jimmy Field

Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast with LD Azobra Interview with Jimmy Field

Good evening. Good evening. Good evening it’s 4:00 PM. Stand up it’s count time, time for every man and woman to stand up and be counted. Welcome to another edition of Count Time podcast. I am brother LD Azobra formerly named Lyman white. Thank you for joining us today.

jimmy field

Today we have someone dear brother, friend, someone I’ve been knowing for many, many years. My whole time here in the Baton Rouge area, he’s been like a father, confidant just just everything you could imagine. My attorney, he’s been a true living legend here in the Baton Rouge in Louisiana area. He have impacted so many young men’s lives. He worked with so many different men. He also was our former public service Commissioner. We have today, former LSU Tiger quarterback Mr. Jimmy Morgan Field. Welcome to Count Time

Hall of Distinction

Thank you, Lyman I’m always pleased to be in your company. And I’m proud of what you’ve done with your life. And I’m glad to be here with you today.

I’m honored to have you because we’ve been knowing each other for a long time, Mr. Field. He still looks like a young man But he has at least 81 trips around the sun. He still has his great health, wisdom, the knowledge he gets around very good. And I feel honored just to be here with you and tell me, where did you grow up?

Actually, I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1940, New Jersey. And it was during the war and the Japanese cut off the supply of natural rubber to the United States. So they told the chemical engineers my father was a chemical engineer. It was Esso then now it’s Exxon. you all got to come up with the synthetic rubber for the planes and jeeps and the war effort. So they came up with a synthetic rubber to take the place of the natural rubber. And then they transferred half of the engineers to Baton Rouge because the refinery in Baton Rouge was larger and it could produce more rubber for the war effort. Thank goodness my dad was in that group. I was only two years old. So I’ve been here since 1942. I was very fortunate. From the first grade to 12th grade, I went to University High School

jimmy field group pic

Back then.

Back then, it’s old school. I think it’s close to 100 years old. And we met a Peabody Hall on the LSU campus right by the Indian Mounds. And then they moved the school over to where it is now on Dalrymple across from fraternity houses when I was in the 7th grade. So from 1946 to 1966, when I graduated from law school, every school day, I went to the same campus, same beautiful campus.