The Olympic Pyramids

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2012 Olympic closing ceremony

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Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast  with LD Azobra

Good evening. Good evening. Good evening it’s 4:00 PM. Stand up. It’s count time, time for every man and woman to stand up and be counted. Welcome to another edition of count time podcast. I am brother LD Azobra formerly named Lyman White. Thank you for joining us today. (listen to why I changed my name, it’s not what your thinking)

Today. I want this discuss a matter or issue that has been concerning to me for quite some time. Something that transpired quite a few years ago went unnoticed and unchecked, but as the lord would have it, time has come around again. And this subject matter might not mean much to many, but I just want to bring it forward. Maybe you have some discussions and dialogues and conversation about yes. What did happen? Why did that happen? How did that happen? And what am I talking about? Well, we know tomorrow is the start of the 2021 Olympics, which was cancelled in 2020 because of the Corona virus. What we now call COVID-19 where we know that the summer Olympics is always during the even years, like 10, no, 8, 12, 16, 20, I guess the same as all presidential race, I guess it just coincidental. Right. And I don’t know, but it’s just always doing those times of year just to be they missed last year.

So 2020 Olympics will be played in 2021 in Tokyo. Japan would be hosting the 20, 21 Olympics that starts tomorrow, July the 23rd. But what I want to bring forward is July of 2012 at the Olympics that transpired in London. So what happened that we won’t bring forward the 2012 Olympics from what I mean? That was, oh, I’m sorry. That was nine years ago. Well, something that I noticed and I was questioning to myself like, okay, how did this come in about where we know the Olympics, every country that hosts the Olympics, what they normally do is highlight spotlight, their greatest moments in their country. They had the history, they had development, what brought them to where they are, their greatness, their evolution that transpired in their country. And that’s the way everybody does it, right? To showcase their country where people can come in tour, people can come and be a part of their, their history come.

People can come and share because they want everybody to come and be able to spend money in their country. Where in the 2012 Olympics that took place in London, England, that was a few unusual things that I thought was happening. And I couldn’t figure that out. Like, okay, well, how did this come about? How do they do that? How did they do this? Where we know the first part of the Olympics is what they call an open end of the Olympics, where Queen herself showed up with James Bond. He jumped out of the helicopter with a parachute, which we know she didn’t actually do that. But symbolically, symbolically, you know, they had her like she was jumping out like she still is the Queen she’s in great shape. She’s still in position to rule and power to rule. But throughout the opening ceremony, they show the Europe as they came out of the, they didn’t really show the ice age, but we know that’s how it came about, it came out of the ice age.

And from there, they moved into many countries all over the world. And they showed that when he came out of the ground from under, under the tree and it showed them moving out continuously the men, they didn’t show that they didn’t show any women coming out of the, out of the ground with the show. Oh man. And it’s had men of different ethnicities coming out, which I thought that was kind of interesting, you know, some was of African descent and I guess, uh, some other origins origins, but it was pretty interested in to see that because I didn’t figure out, I couldn’t figure out how many of people of African descent came out of, out of the origin of the European culture. So that was unusual. I know that what they was just playing that they’ll multicultural, which is a new term, not in that they work with everybody, but anyway, they came out of the ground.

And, uh, I guess that ground also record represented a cave of the Europeans have been known to come out of a cave. That’s what a term cave may come from or what I was taught and what we was taught back in the days of school, but also with the ships and learned to navigate through the waters. They begin to travel all over the world and it took over many places, you know, to go with many other countries that they still rule to this day. And they were showing that they went abroad and, you know, they took their culture, took their, uh, their expertise, which we know they will businessman with the top hats on. And one guy had the book so that, you know, the deer rule, they control the knowledge and now let could be true, but we’d also know that a lot of knowledge would take her from other places that they utilize to their benefit.

And that’s what we all do. Right? We take knowledge from others and use it for our benefit, but fast forward. So as the people coming up, the men are coming out of the ground. I will say, coming out the cave of Europe, moving into other places, other countries, traveling the world, they begin to, they created the industrialized society that we all know to this day. Although the Africa was the first install, smite and iron, but it uses the use of iron thousands of years ago, but the Europeans did take it to another level. They started building a lot of different factories and trains and everything by using iron metal and made it where they can, you know, from the horse and buggy to cars, to airplanes, to where we, now we can, they talking about traveling to the moon and traveling tomorrow as a traveling space where I’m getting to is that yes, the opening ceremony was that they had shown showing their industrialized society, how they move from one place to another phone or one evolution to another transforming the world, transforming themselves.

And all that was great, but there was a part of the Olympics that was kind of, it wasn’t subtle, but it would just sit in there that I could not figure out how the Britain Angland claim this. If anybody can remember, I guess you can pull it up. You can just, you know, pull up the 2012 Olympics and the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony. As you look to watch ceremony at the top of the stadium, they had pyramids. I can’t remember how many, if I was a guest, they hadn’t had one in the front and had one in the back. So you’re talking about 30 pyramids or more of design that was on top of the stadium. Or maybe I would say 24 to 30, 30. There had to be more than 24. I would say at least close to 26 to 30 pyramids on top of the stadium.

Well, to me, even back then in 2012, I was wondering, and I was like, how, how and why do Britain have pyramids on top of the stadium? The pyramid is not part of the European culture. It’s not part of European history. Matter of fact, I don’t think there’s one pyramid in Europe. I have heard that several years ago, they found pyramid that they stay up here made in Bosnia when the European countries, but one of the first and few, besides the one they built quite a few years ago, a glass pyramid that was built that they use in front that was put in front of a mule, their museum, that when you, before you walk in the museum, you walked through the pyramid because also in the European museum, they got all the African history, right? If you want to study Africa, you got to go to Europe because they got all the history that it took it all from Africa.

The Louvre
The Louvre

It brought to Europe because the African history is so, so vast it’s phenomena. It goes back so far, all the things they’ve done, the development with all it created. I mean, it’s endless when you think about it, but how and why did Britain put pyramids on top of their stadium? That’s been a question I’ve been having in my mind. It just so happened. The 2020 Olympics is now being held in Tokyo in 2021. And us just started the podcast several months ago. So we have a chance to have this dialogue on the pyramids in Europe, which I don’t think they ever had that dialogue yet because there aren’t any, from the knowledge or understanding that I was taught or that I know of. So why did Britain put the peer? Me is on top of their stadium. What are they saying? What are they claiming our Britain now, or London, England claiming that they ought to create a, of the pyramid, which the pyramid represent high knowledge.

It’s a pass as any other knowledge because in organizations for the masons, the Scottish rights, the different organization, they all used to peer me. And we shared this once before the pyramid is so powerful, they put it on back a dollar bill. So that’s how powerful the peer mediator. But the pyramid is the history of the ancient people of Africa, not just north Africa. It’s quite a few places in Africa. We do know that Mali, Morocco, Ethiopia, Sudan, and ancient Kemet, which we now call Egypt, where all appear. And you can find plenty of also in other countries, you can go to Mexico, go chase the Nia, find pyramid. You can go to so many different places and find pyramids. You can go right here to the United States and find pyramids. Matter of fact, I attended LSU. They had two pyramids. They have two pyramids to this day on LSU campus that they claimed that some of the oldest pyramids in the world.

So to this day, they’re pyramids all over the world, except Europe. Why was that high as that? Why would they have no period pyramid built in Europe of food for thought, but your claim, the pyramid in the 2012 Olympics. So as we, I saw this happening, as I saw this unfolded, I would just add, I asked like stunned, like, why are these pyramids or pyramid structures sitting on top of the would call it Olympic stadium that was built to the 2012 Olympic in Europe. I still don’t have an answer. I’m just want to have a conversation. I need some help to understand how and why did this come about? But not just death. Let’s fast forward to the closing. 2012 Olympics. Another phenomena transpire as the limping was coming to a close, they started this, they had a fire that was part of the closing, which represents the torch and the Olympic fire.

They got to keep burning. So then also there was a, I thought was an African group, which they are, but they are without a Brazil. Their Europeans invited some Brazilians people to participate in the 2012 Olympic for the closing of the Olympics and the way he was dressed. I mean, you know, an African people, Brazilian people, the cultures best deal veer, very similar, you know, in Brazil, still to this day is the second largest that the second largest nation of African people is right there in Brazil. So they had them to come during the closing of the Olympics. I get to represent the Africans. And what happened at this time as the torch has been lit and the torches rising and opening, it went, it was open like a flower. Then it started closing. But also when it lit the torch, yes. What rose up the Phoenix bird, anybody know anything about the Phoenix bird is the bird that we say that rises out of his ashes are rises from the ashes, or was this important?

Once again is not a part of the European history. This was not taken out of the European history. It has nothing to do with the European history. I know the Greeks claimed it once they learned about it from the ancient people, but we all know the Phoenix bird came out of the great continent of Africa, Northern Africa, and others who worshiped and honored the Phoenix bird every 500 years. The Phoenix bird has been known to rise from his ashes to his elegance, his greatness out of the fire. And guess what happened in Europe, in August, 2012 as the burden of the torch, the closing of the ceremony, the Phoenix bird, the great ancient people, the great African people bird that they, we don’t know if it was a real Burr or symbolic men. And do not know to this day, it had been taught to say that every 500 years his rises out of his ashes to his greatness to show that you can’t kill him, can’t kill it.

We arise at his time. So I know your might’ve been in, we arising out of our ashes at this time, but it’s not their history. So why would they use a symbol that is not part of the history of culture? I doubt up to Japan. If Japanese or Japanese, we use a symbol. That’s not part of their culture. A doubt of the JIP Japanese would use a similar that is known for the European are known. Footer for India are known for some other country of India, of a China though. They gonna use symbolism. Everything they’d probably use to represent them in their culture, in their history. They would not use any of the symbols that has nothing to do with their culture, their history. So why did Europe chose to do that? They don’t have a great enough history to be able to use, to bring forward where we know that’s where all the violence took place in Europe.

Podcast History Africa

They’ve been known for all the great war warriors and creating wars, the general rules and the different, you know, people that came out of Europe over the years. But very few, besides the ones they call the great philosophers, Aristotle played tool, you know, so many more in the Aristotle’s and the Plato. If you go read their history, they’ll tell you, they went to the ancient cities of Africa, of Kemet to learn what they learned. They was not tarted in Europe. And we know when the, when, when the so-called Alexander the great, uh, the interesting thing about that, uh, you know, all my life I was taught. Alexander was the great when I went to Egypt first time, my only time and 1990. So over 30 years ago, I went to Egypt. It was the first time I ever heard. They called him Alexander the barbarian.

So that’s when you start learning, everything’s a matter of perspective on the side of the war I came from, they call him the great on the other side of the world, where he went and stole, did damage to the people, to their culture. They called him a barbarian, but the name of city after him in the great country of Kimmy, who we did the now called Egypt to this day. But we also know in that great city of Alexander, they had the worlds. It was the world first library. So I’m telling you, the library had must have been now four or five, 6,000 years old. The oldest library in the world was in north Africa who knew, who would have thought about, but when Greeks, the Greeks got there, they say they burned the library. I guess they did. After they sit and copied plays, awry, took all the knowledge, wrote it, rewrote it, and took credit for it in saying that the great Greeks are now became your great philosopher with the ancient people, call himself the great Sage, you know, cause they had to be, you know, they call it, they also call themselves, uh, what we call it.

Burning of the Alexandria Library
Burning of the Alexandria Library

They call ministers today, but it had people like the great IMHO tip the first physician, the first doctor out of ancient Egypt, Kimmy M hotel, and the Europeans call him. I got to get this name, right? Eckler I can’t say the word. I don’t want to get it wrong. But to this day they still pay homage to him because him old tip was the father of medicine. But to be a great Sage as him hotel, great doctor, the gratefulness, very grateful, the great Sage Sage and a philosopher or similar, but a Sage, you had to be proficient in science, math, chemistry, law, everything. So you have to understand how all these things work together, how they all are one. So sort of great men and women of Egypt. They had to go to school for 40 years to learn this just they, they was proficient in all of these things in order to become a great Sage.

So they was able to map the universe, the possession of the star, the rotation of the moon, the sun. And to this day, we know we still worship these things, but let’s get back to what I was saying about that. So at the 2012 Olympics, when Europeans displayed the pyramids and the Phoenix bird rising out of his ashes, were they claiming that African people history, what it taken at the birthright of the ancient African people by claiming that this is their rightful history culture. Oh, they do have a showcase. Nick, could they really like him? And if they really liked what he meant, where those who don’t know, you probably would have thought, well, that must be part of their culture. That’s part of their history. Well, I’m here to let you know, none of it was part of their culture or part of their history.

So why would they even showcase that? Why would they even close out with debt? And even to have these pyramids on top of their, uh, Olympic stadium, that whenever he looked at the stadium, you saw these pyramids. So pyramid pyramid represent far knowledge and power. That’s how, that’s the power of a pyramid. We say, well, now, you know, pyramid is okay, where to this day we know how powerful a pyramid it is, what you mean by to this day where almost every church I know has a steeper on the top of it. When you pass by a church, you see a steeper and steeper represent a place, a worship place, a power, a place where the Lord dwells a place where energy fire take place. Cause the steeper is nothing but a pyramid. It does that same shape of a pyramid. So it represents power due to mass fire.

So that’s what we’ve been taught. That guac gut, that’s what we’ve been taught. It’s where God dwells. So to this day, a church has a steeple, which is only a representation of a pyramid. Now you can make it, you can call it whatever you want to call it. But it’s only a pyramid that triangular shape that came out of ancient Africa. So to this day and the days to come, we know that we still use the pyramid to represent a lot of things, but why would the Europeans claim the pyramids and the Phoenix bird to say that they’re rising out of that? Their ashes, not a UX, meaning Europe is the country that burned down other countries. So other countries theorized now the ashes and the damage that Europe cost to them. You know? So I’m just having a conversation with myself that I wanted to share with you and help that hopefully that you can help me to come to some understanding and hit us up, go to our, uh, website and leave a comment.

2012 olympic pyramids

And let’s have some conversation dialogue on why did Europe use the pyramid and a Phoenix bird at their greatest moment that they could have displayed the greatness of Europe, but they displayed the greatness of Africa, the pyramid and the Phoenix bird, not the greatness of Europe. So why did they choose that? Why was that important? So important for them to utilize those symbols? Because we know the power and importance of symbols. So anybody see the pyramid today do they think of Europe? when you, when you see the Phoenix bird, do you think of Europe? No, I wouldn’t think so maybe the younger people, they, they were branding themselves. So they might’ve been rebranding themselves, right? To be the cradle of knowledge. And we know that’s not true, please we know that’s not true. So please help me by hitting us up and let us know what you think about Europe using the ancient African symbols to display at the 2012 Olympics.

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