The Mayor Valeria Schexnayder

Born on land owned by her ancestors for a century that was stolen to create a National Park, our Living Legend known as the “Mayor of the Lower Nine” talks about her life, surviving Hurricanes Betsy and Katrina and how she has fought for her community and won.

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Count Time Podcast Living Legend Valeria Schexnayder

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Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast with LD Azobra Interview with The Mayor Valeria Schexnayder

Good evening. Good evening. Good evening it’s 4:00 PM. Stand up it’s count time, time for every man and woman to stand up and be counted. Welcome to another edition of Count Time podcast. I am brother LD Azobra. Thank you for joining us today.

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Now we done moved a little further east this week. We are matter of fact all the way out to the east, almost into the waters. So we got this segment here We do have a living legend sitting before us, but we also we have what we call did you know segment. This is going to be our did you know segment with a living legend. Welcome to Count Time, Ms. Valeria Schexynader.

Thank you.

So we’re here to discuss a place that very few heard about, know about, I know I had never heard about. First of all, let me thank Dr. Jackson, Dr. Joyce Jackson, who made this introduction. And I appreciate you for allowing me to come down here, but right now we’re in the lower night ward of New Orleans, but we want to come down here and talk.


Give us some history of a place that very few probably know about. A place called Fazendeville. Louisiana? So tell us what is it? Is that a French or Germany name?


ld and valeria

What was Fazendeville? How did that come about?

Well, it’s a place where I grew up. I was born and raised there in St. Bernard Parish. It’s located in Chalmette down in Saint Bernard Parish. It’s right between the national monument and the national cemetery. The national monument was the battlefield ready for the Battle of New Orleans and the national cemetery was behind by Fazendeville where they buried the soldiers, all the veterans.

You know, I’ll be explaining somebody about Fazendeville, and they’re looking at me kind of off, you know? Like, what are you talking about? And I say, I’m talking about where I’m from, where I was born and raised, a little land with just black folks.


We were like, that’s a story all by itself. If Dr. Jackson wouldn’t have told me, I would have no clue about it. So that’s what made it interesting to me.

Really? You didn’t know this was a little black land off the battlefield? With the Battle of New Orleans in front of me and Veteran Cemetery behind me, I mean, the National Cemetery behind me. But nobody never heard that. Until the government got ready to buy it, I would look like that’s when it really came to Life and started hearing about it, right?

But, you know, nobody knew about it. But the people live in St. Bernard Parish.