Happy Easter 2022

Happy Easter from the Smart Brotha Media family! Today is Throwback Thursday as LD discusses the resurrection of life and the importance of the light from the east.

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Happy Holidays from Count Time Podcast

Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast

We like to wish everyone out there a very, very Happy Easter. Happy holidays. And because of the holidays, what we’re going to do today is a throwback Thursday. Last year we shared with you The Purpose of Easter. So today and that is dealing only with the sun, the true and only light, the light of the Earth, the light of the world. But what we want to know, are they talking about the S-O-N son or the S-U-N sun? That’s what let’s see what the Bible says about it.
All right, so we’re going to talk about the resurrection of life, the resurrection of the sun. And we know this time of year we have the sunrise service. We’re going to be looking forward to that bright and morning star that come over the horizon at this time. So we want you all to sit back, relax and listen. We like to once again welcome you to Count Time podcast and happy holidays to all have a great and wonderful holiday.
It is also probably no coincidence that the early Egyptians, who we call the Kemetic people, built a great Sphinx so that it points directly towards the rising sun on the day of the Vernal Equinox. That sunlight brings life, light, energy, want and so much more to the Earth. Now, this time of the year, it’s time to plant and harvest animals beginning to produce by mating. Birds are chirping all over. You have birds everywhere. And now everything is beginning to produce. Now we can feed the multitudes because there’s food is plentiful during this time of the year.
And this is the time that we’re going to call our ancestors. I’m talking about the people in this country. The old folks used to have what they call sunrise service. Some people still do that. Do we know the importance of a sunrise service? at the sunrise service is a time when the old people get up early in the morning for the sun to come up and go out and they face the east. It’s a direction to turn, to watch the sun pass over the Vernal Equinox. This is not a religious event. It’s a true spiritual encounter. The true resurrection.
The sun has resurrected from now having Dominion over the Earth over the winter months where it was freezing cold. You have to sit out and wait for it to get warm and get back outside. Clear snow out of the way, clear ice out of the way. But now the Sun has taken its rightful place as Dominion over the Earth. And to that may God be the glory. Look, even in the word glory, the first three letters in the word glory is Glo glow the Earth, the sun has a glow about it. So glory be to God.
So like the ancient people, you also celebrate and worship the Sun, not the S-O-N the Sun even when you see a picture of Jesus Mary he or she has a Halo. You know what a Halo is, right? It’s the energy of the sun around you. Over there representing in the Su in the sun, the true and only light in this world. Even the moon does not produce light. It only reflects the light from the sun.
Easter is a beautiful time.