LSU All American Tyler Lafauci

Entrepreneur and prominent physical therapist our living legend talks about football, LSU and family.

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Count Time Podcast Living Legend Tyler Lafauci


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Selected quotes and notes from Count Time Podcast with LD Azobra Interview with Tyler Lafauci

He was a first-team All-American football player his senior season in 1973 for the LSU Tigers of Louisiana State University (LSU). Mainly playing as an offensive guard, he was also a first-team All-Southeastern Conference selection in 1973 and a second-team selection in 1972. After college, he became a prominent physical therapist in Baton Rouge and in 1983, was inducted into the LSU Athletic Hall of Fame. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and attended De La Salle High School, where as a senior he was a class triple-A all-state selection as both an offensive and defensive guard and was named the state’s outstanding lineman.
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Good evening. Good evening. Good evening it’s 4:00 PM. Stand up it’s count time, time for every man and woman to stand up and be counted. Welcome to another edition of Count Time podcast. I am brother LD Azobra. Thank you for joining us today.

Today, once again, we gonna keep it real with my tigers. And I got someone here I’ve been knowing for quite some time. We didn’t play together, but he was a true tiger, heart to heart, and he’s been a friend of mine, someone that I always can go to a confidante. Somebody You always trust and always got a listening ear. And I got my brother, Tyler Lafauci. Welcome to Count Time.

Thank you, Lyman. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be here talking to you. You’ve been one of my favorites. We’ve known each other for a long time and man, look, it’s like whenever we get together, it’s just like just picking up. It’s not starting over, we just pick up. But you’re always that kind of man.

Well, I appreciate that. I appreciate that and I appreciate your friendship. I mean, look at the days
You have never had that problem You always treated everybody just saying.

well, look, I’ve always felt, and I’ve always had this in my heart that, look, I want to treat people the way I would want to be treated. That’s personally. Whether it’s a friendship or whether I was in the physical therapy clinic treating patients, I always wanted to treat people the way I would want
That has kept me pretty steady for all my life.

Well, you have truly. I’m here to witness it and say you have always practiced what you preach.