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LD gives his thoughts on the Real ID and the impact of the digital age on privacy and safety. The Real ID will be required for state ID’s beginning May 3, 2023. What impact will this have on travel? Does this signal a changing role for the Department of Homeland Security? Listen in for LD’s take on the Real ID.

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Real ID Act of 2005

Passed by Congress in 2005, the REAL ID Act enacted the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation that the federal government “set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.” The Act and implementing regulations establish minimum security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards and prohibit federal agencies, like TSA, from accepting licenses and identification cards from states that do not meet these standards for official purposes, such as getting through the airport security checkpoint to board a plane.

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Louisiana eligible applicants can receive a driver’s license or identification card that is compliant with REAL ID or not compliant with REAL ID. Applicants are required to indicate if he or she would like a REAL ID compliant and non-compliant driver’s license or special identification card on paperwork at the Office of Motor Vehicles.
Includes  a list  of  many of the consumer reporting companies, updated for 2021.  This list  also  makes it  easier for you  to take advantage of  your legal rights  to  (1)  obtain the  information in  your consumer reports, and (2) dispute suspected inaccuracies  in  your reports with  companies as  needed.
Department of Homeland Security

Transcript of Count Time REAL ID Episode

Today we asked the question, should we all be required to get a real ID or a real ID? Most of us still figuring out what in the world is a real ID. What is the purpose of a real ID? today we hope that we can shed a little light on your situation and we can have to answer some of your question or concern or for some who never thought much of it at all. We hope to give you something to think about and look into for the sake of having
A really interesting Topic and to give us something to think about. That’s what we normally do with Count Time. We want to come from a different perspective to enlighten you about what’s going on in your community, around your community, in your state and your country to live in, and then plays that we supposed to be aware of what’s going on at all times. So what is a real ID where the way the real ID came about it came about because of the real ID act was signed and implemented in 2005. So what is this about? What is that came about after 2001 after 9 1 1, and after 9 1, 1, it created a Patriot act. The real ID is a substitute or new law, a new law that was implemented act that was implemented by Congress because you no longer hear about the Patriot act, right? And what the Patriot Act was, and acronym. And it stood for Providing
Appropriate tools to resist intercept organized terrorism act. That’s what Patriot stood for. So we know the federal government does, does an awesome job. They got so many people working there that create these terminologies. That sounds so good. Like Patriots act, the truth deals. What is really behind what you got going on, but we know the government, we have to love them, but do they really are. They really have our best interests at heart. As long as I’ve been around, I have to question it. I haven’t seen them do the thing, do something because the right thing to do, and it’s all about business. So how did the real ID come about where real ID is just when the state is your driver’s license, you gotta sign a contract and Nick contracts, and that you will, you can use his permission to use the license and the drive on our roads, our street. If you follow these rules and regulations, if you do not follow our rules and regulations, then we have the authority to suspend your license. They can suspend your license, they can confiscate your license. They do quite a few things. I can’t remember all the different things they can do. If you do not follow your state rules and regulations, that governs
Driver license. So why
Do you need a driver’s license from the federal government? Because the federal government, you can get a passport. If you want to travel. If you want a travel pack, the federal government controls all traveling from airlines, real ways, boats, ships, and buses, Greyhound buses, the federal government control all that. So you cannot travel out of this country or from state to state because the federal government can determine how you, how they can, how they want you to do that. How to handle that because they control all out or traveling or regular traveling like on the roadway,
You don’t need no federal support or driver license, right?
But now they’re saying you do because of the 9 1 1 they saying you do. Cause they also put in there, there was going to be a little border wall. So that was already put in place before Trump made a big deal out of it. Why, why invested invest in a border wall? What was the purpose of the border wall? Back in 2005, uh, after the 9 1, 1 which happened in 2001, they begin to focus on the border walls and stopping those from coming to this country. And it’s amazing to me. Cause every everywhere I pass, no matter what state I’m in, the people that come in from other countries doing all the work, they building the highways, the bridges, uh, the big, the big buildings. So you stopping the P from coming, but they doing all the work for you. So it does make any sense to me. So we need to understand better or what’s going on. What is the purpose of the real ID? We want you to ask them more questions about it when you can come more enlightened or you can know for yourself that, you know, what is the purpose of this? If I want to get a passport to travel, I can get that without getting the real ID. Why do I need an ID? What is the federal government plan? I guess about
15 years or so ago, you had people like TransUnion, Equifax and experience came online because they was on top of the digital. You know, they knew that everything was going to be controlled by computers. So they knew that they can control your credit, your credit ratings. And that’s just what they did. So people like TransUnion, Equifax, and experience are now the number three man, sources of controlling or checking one’s credit. Now the interesting thing about this is that, you know, you put your money, your resources in the bank and the bank do not check your credit when you bring your money there. But if you want to borrow some money, they got determined. Or if your credit is sufficient enough for them to loan you money, they want to know, are you not? You’ve been doing business with them for years. They want to know your reputation.
They already do it because you do business with them. You got your money there. You, sir, you do business with them on a regular basis, but they got to determine through their credit report or you legitimate enough to where they can do business with you. That’s kind of should be a reverse. We should be checking the bank’s credit report to find out are they sufficient for us to do business with them? So it’s almost like the tail wagging the dog. You bring them all your resources there and bringing nothing to the table, but they’re controlling everything. They to the bank or the banking system or the ones who created train union Equifax and experience. I don’t know. It might be something to look into though, but these are the kinds of things that have happened because of the digital computers and the same kind of power would probably be given to the government when under the real ID act. When now you have to have a, we’ve been getting heavy state issued IDs for many years, and now we’re going to be a state issued ID, but it’s going to be fulfilling our purposes. So you’re now going to be in contract with the state and the federal government. So now the federal government will have jurisdiction and authority over you with your driver’s license or your ID, whichever one you choose to get
Because the federal government and the banking system soon, we’ll be taking cash off the market, you know, long will be at operate with cash. What you’re going to have on digital dollars in some ways, some forms. And once you have digital dollars, if anybody remember the movie enemy, they have the state, they can control any and everything you do, you and they will no longer have to go, come looking for you. And that’s what’s assay is getting ready to happen with this real ID because the federal government bank work hand in hand, cause why do we need a federal ID to travel in your local community? Your local state go to other states, never needed one before because they know there’s money to be made. And it would be to control everything people do. There was a summer month off because why it’s gone. We all gonna be in contract with the federal government cause a real ID or driver’s license is a contract between the two parties. And now we will be contracting with the federal government contracting with the local state or local cities to do business, to drive on the roads. So I hope this don’t become the new world order, the new way of the government doing business. And we become in a military state.
Now rule run and control by Homeland security. They’re gonna be your own brothers, sisters, child, who would be coming against you because they’re going to be representing the federal government.
You would now start hearing more about department of Homeland security cause they ain’t going to be coming in. I believe knocking, kicking down your doors, uh, arresting people because now they can determine all who they choose to who are a threat to that, to that area. They will be able to shut off every state to say that you can’t cross to go from one state to another. We already saw that in action last year, where certain states shut their borders. I’m not talking about people coming in from Mexico. I’m talking about in state where there was many states, quite several states have shut down their borders and people in another state could not cross over. Like you couldn’t go from Arizona to California. You couldn’t go from Seattle to California. You know, certain states, you couldn’t go in from Louisiana to Texas, Texas that shut their borders. So this the kind of things they’ve made, it’s, might’ve been a testing maybe to see what’s going to happen or how to put things in place. I don’t know, but the real ID would give them authority to now enforce the things they choose to enforce. When the state we’ve given up all their rights and power and they got paid for it, we will be getting paid for, to do these things. And we hate that it come into This. Can we do anything about it? I don’t know, but
We have to do a better job of holding them accountable. Let them know they did there to serve us. So what is really going on? What is the purpose of all this that’s happening?
Should we be required To get a real ID? Why, why do you think you need a real ID to drive that you already drive it from city to city, state to state town, to town. Why do you need a, a federal government ID or they say, well, it stopped two illegal aliens from getting them where they can get whatever they want anyway and stop them from coming here now. But you’re empowering other people
To, to do into, to control you without you having any Authority anymore, to do anything about it. So this is just something to think about. Do we all need A real ID
To the federal government? Be they have mandate that we get ID or driver’s license. It’s not just an ID. It’s a driver license, a federal driver license. So we know the government doing something like that is not for our benefit. It never has been, it never served. Our benefit is only for there. So do you think you need a ride that you would ask? Great. We all excited. We all need to get one, but if you don’t think we need to re ID, what is the purpose of the ride? The do your research, your own study, look it up for yourself, go research it for yourself and that way, you know, for yourself and you understand what are the issues at hand. So thank you once again for joining us and we hope that you were enlightened and courage and I was able to shed a different light on what’s going on with the real ID. Thank you.